DeCosta Headley, Sr. is a native New Yorker, born and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.  His illustrious career as a leader in the East New York and Brownsville sections of Brooklyn include serving in various posts.

For more than 16 years, DeCosta served as District Leader for the 40th Assembly District in the East New York. During that time, he was active in Brooklyn politics, successfully operating the campaigns of candidates seeking seats on the city, state, and federal levels, within and outside New York.

Many of the judges serving in New York’s court system, state assembly members, city council members and congressional members in New York City and New York State, owe a debt of gratitude to DeCosta’s grassroots organizing.  Mr. Headley possesses great expertise in the electoral process and has trained hundreds of community residents interested in serving on campaigns.  He has been the president of Rosetta Gaston United Democratic Club in East New York for many years and is currently president, yet again, at its new location.

You can find Mr. Headley on many Saturdays and weeknights hosting meetings with residents about the electoral process as well as assisting residents not only in East New York but citywide with various issues.

DeCosta served on Community School District 19 School Board for 16 years and implemented the first bi-lingual education program in that district.

He has served on various local boards including Community Board 5 and was the founder of the community’s first Local Development Corporation, resulting in over 3,000 new jobs. Mr. Headley was also the founder of the Federation of Block Associations for East New York.

He spent several years as a social worker, and in the late 1970’s became the executive director of numerous group homes for troubled adolescents within the East New York/Brownsville communities.  Among Mr. Headley’s notable achievements are the Federation of Addiction Agencies, established to provide a drug-free treatment program in East New York and Brownsville.  Mr. Headley was also appointed to the council for SUNY Downstate Health and Science Center, under Governor George Pataki.

Throughout his career, DeCosta has dedicated himself to enhancing the quality of life for his constituents.  Those efforts have resulted in college scholarships, employment opportunities, affordable housing, increased public services, as well as an extensive network of social services—such as senior citizen centers that provide hot meals, transportation and access to basic health care services.

Mr. Headley is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is president of Headley Consultants LLC, and for the past 12 years rehabilitated poor communities within the five boroughs through his contracting firm, Diversified Inch By Inch, Inc.  Always in the forefront of serving his community, Mr. Headley’s company has built local medical and dental facilities for Oxford Health Plans,Brookdale Hospital & Medical Center, and Interfaith Medical Center, new housing, including a multi-level senior citizens apartment complex for Berean Missionary Baptist Church.  Mr. Headley has enhanced his entrepreneurial spirit by aiding local churches within the five boroughs acquire land for the use of building senior citizen housing and youth centers for communities in need of urban renewal.

Mr. Headley is president of Headley Consultants. He is a liaison for various HMOs, assisting them in providing healthcare through facilities in lower-income communities.  Mr. Headley works with doctors across the tri-state area and local churches and community block associations throughout Central Brooklyn to aid in the implementation of affordable healthcare programs for the underprivileged by setting up workshops and street fairs to educate the underprivileged about healthcare.

Mr. Headley is the recipient of numerous community service awards including:  The Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation Award; Mayor’s Award for Community Service; Brookdale University Hospital Community Service Award; the Frances Hanberry Award for Development of Community Economic Literacy Programs and Initiatives; The North Brooklyn YMCA Citizens Recognition Award; and the Manhattan Jaycees Award.  He has been honored with numerous citations and proclamations from a broad range of social service organizations.  Mr. Headley most recently received community and business leader award from the Bedford-Stuyvesant Lions Club and a community leader award from the Homeowners Association of East New York.

Mr. Headley is always willing to help someone in need. He states: “It is about community empowerment.  Our people need to know what politics is all about and how to play an active role to ensure that they are being successfully represented in government.  The residents, businesspeople, law enforcement, and community based organizations make up the fabric of our neighborhoods.  We are to work cooperatively with government so that the lives of the residents within each community are enhanced for the betterment of all and the detriment of none.”

DeCosta Headley, Sr. graduated from Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science. Mr. Headley and his wife are members of Grace Baptist Church in Brooklyn. He is also a son of many local churches in the East New York/Brownsville section of Brooklyn.

DeCosta works tirelessly to ensure that the interests and concerns of those he represents are addressed by those whom have been placed in office to represent them.  There is no place in Brooklyn where DeCosta Headley, Sr. is not known.


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